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1. Accounts Payable Specialist

Job Duties:  Review all invoices for appropriate documentation and approval prior to payment; Prioritize invoices according to payment terms and due dates; Match invoices to checks; Track expenses and process expense reports; Reconcile credit card statements; Correspond with vendors and respond to inquiries; Investigate and resolve invoice discrepancies; Process check requests; Obtain signatures for checks and distribute checks accordingly; Record checks issued by the company in financial software program; Maintain accounts payable files in accordance with company guidelines.

Requirements:  Two years of experience in the job offered or a Payments Coordinator. Any suitable combination of education, training or experience consistent with stated requirements will be accepted

2. Other Open Positions
We’re looking for personable, dedicated car-enthusiasts interested in
helping others find the vehicle they desire and need at an affordable
price. From luxury to everyday, ALM has the inventory for every shopper;
now we just need the sales staff to match.

If putting a smile on the face of others makes you happy, if seeing others
reach their goals, and helping people achieve their dreams interests you, give us a call.

We offer competitive payment structure and the opportunity to work in the
fast-paced world of car sales. Our sales staff must be passionate about
fitting the right car to the right person, and knowledgeable of how this is
achieved, or trainable.

Contact us today for career opportunities with Atlanta Luxury Motors. Please fill the form below and additionally submit the CV/Resume at and someone will be in touch with you
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